Can 1 incident change the way everyone thinks about you?

Hello World,

First of all, thank you for getting me 6 likes on my first post. I hope that you continue to like my posts and will support me in the future n the same way.

Secondly, today I had a very embarrassing incident at school today and a very panicky outcome. So basically me, my best friend Hockey Hype and my other friend Geek Girl went to a music practice room to just mess around. While playing on the piano, I realised that you can make the Piano sound gothic and scary. [ Weird right?! After this Geek Girl decided to start telling ghost stories. As her stories were weird but funny, Hockey Hype decided to call our other friends to tell them the stories. Returning in less that a minute, she brought along my other bestie Sassy Singer, Music Major and Short Savant. As Sassy Singer and Music Major are well known in our group for having high and very nice voices, we decided to make them sing a new song called Faded by Alan Walker. As I really like that song, I sang one of the lines to myself, not realising that Hockey Hype heard me sing! After that, all of them starting convincing me to sing because she thought that my voice was apparently ‘really good’ and ‘better than Sassy Singer’s’.

To be honest, I never really like doing things in front of my class let alone singing to my friends. That’s when the nervousness started. I suddenly started feeling really warm and my ears started ringing and my throat started clogging up. Having to sing was getting and harder for me as my throat was giving of very deep melodies and my voice wasn’t as deep as that. They got me to sing one line of Faded and it sounded OK but it wasn’t my best. Getting more and more nervous, I asked Music Major and Sassy Singer to sing along with me to help me recover and keep my volume down a little bit. But then every time Hockey Hype asked them to sing lower so that they could hear me, I started feeling more and more nervous. Till then I was sweating really badly. To my content, they changed the song to I Hate You, I Love You, to try to get me to sing along but it was really uncomfortable but I did OK. We also sang along to We Don’t Talk Anymore. But I was still nervous. Sassy Singer starting saying stuff like ‘she doesn’t trust us’ and Hockey Hype said that ‘she’s just nervous’ and ‘don’t be mean’ which comforted me a little bit.

I have these ‘panic attacks’ very often and it always tends to happen when I am talking to the whole class or just singing in front of people. I dont know whyy it happens but i need help but i dont want to tell anyoe. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

PS-BTW I am leaving my current high school and moving to another part of thE UK and Hockey Hype brought me a mood ring type necklace that changes colour from Claire’s. YAY!

Please comment below about how I can stop these ‘panic attacks’ and how i can avoid nervousness issues.

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New Beginnings- My 1st Blog!

Sunday 10th July

Hello World!

I’ve decided to start a blog. A blog where I can share my feelings. A blog where i can share my thoughts. A blog where no one can judge me for my clumsy actions. A blog where I say what i truly feel and where i can be what I want to be.

Now you might ask me why I want to start a blog? Well, I want to be able to express my feelings to the world without getting nervous about being judged. I want to be able to have a friendly connection with my readers . I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and I hope that you can relate to them in your lives.

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PO- Can someone comment below about how to set the perfect Featured Image?